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The Shopudea 150% Price Match Guarantee

If you find a lower competitor price anywhere else on the Internet, or in print, on an item with the same MPN (Manufacturer's Part Number), just call one of our Customer Service Team members and give them the details. We'll give you 150% of the price difference! For example, if we are selling an item for $200 and you find it elsewhere for $180, your price with Shopudea will be $170 (the difference which is $20 + 50% of that difference which equals $10, for a total of $30 OFF our original price). Price matching is not applicable on Special Order items and it applies only to USA based Arborist Supply retailers with a proprietary online presence.

We reserve the right to not honor competitor's short-term promotional pricing or email promotions. We will not price match on online marketplaces and auction-based websites (Amazon, eBay,, etc.).


These products can only be shipped into states in which Shopudea is legally licensed. Pesticides shipped to California and Minnesota may be subject to additional state taxes. Shopudea is not able to ship fert ilizers/pesticides outside the USA.


Spliced goods manufactured by Shopudea have a measurement tolerance range of + or – 5% for stock spliced products and for custom spliced products. You will be required to provide specific details and sign-off on your order before it can be made and shipped to you.


Sales tax is applied to orders from CT, IN, VT, VA, NC, PA and TN. By law sales tax will be included on all items and on any applicable freight costs. State and Federal tax laws are subject to change without notice.


Additions or changes to your original order must be made within one hour of order placement between 8am - 6pm ET Monday-Friday. Please contact Customer Service at 800-525- 8873 in order to make any changes to your order.


Shipping rates and local duties, taxes and tariffs vary widely depending on your desired shipping location. We will provide you with a freight shipping estimate. Please check with your local customs official for the current shipping and tax regulations. All additional duties and taxes on international orders must be paid for by the customer. If refused, the customer will be responsible for any duties and/or freight paid by Shopudea Inc., as well as any “abandoned merchandise” charges.